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No one in Aotearoa New Zealand should be forced to live in poverty.

In good times and in hard times, we should all have the dignity and security of a roof over our head, healthy kai (food) on the table and the essential things we need.

But right now, due to successive governments hands-off approach to the housing market, New Zealand’s homes are some of the least affordable in the industrial world.

When families have to choose between rent and food, when people lose their job, get sick or end a relationship and then can’t keep a roof over their heads, we are seeing the failures of an unkind, unjust and unbalanced economic system.

We’re launching a report that compiles the stories of more than 200 people with lived experience of our broken welfare system.

In order for it to have maximum impact with the media and our elected representatives, we need to build a compelling website, get 120 copies of the report printed to send to every single member of Parliament plus pay the designer for her work.

Will you chip in to help us transform our welfare system?

When corporations are taking in record profits, but there hasn’t been a real increase in income support for a generation, and more and more people can’t make ends meet, our society is out of balance.

We need government intervention to end the poverty trap and rebalance our economy. We need government intervention to ensure that everyone one in this country has enough pūtea (income) to live with dignity and participate fully in the community.

Here’s an overview of what our research found:

  • Four out of five people had negative experiences of WINZ.
  • 84% of people said they do not currently receive enough income to live with dignity and participate fully in the community.
  • 70% experienced a lack of transparency and access to information, particularly about their rights.
  • 64% experienced a lack of care or compassion from WINZ staff.
  • 63% had experienced feelings of judgment or stigma from the public.
  • 54% experienced long waiting lists or difficulties finding a suitable time with a case worker.

When asked what is working with the current welfare system, the majority of respondents said nothing or very little. However, people are grateful a welfare system exists at all.

When asked what needs to be done better, six themes emerged: - Staff and services need to treat people with manaaki, respect, compassion and aroha. - Everyone who interacts with the welfare system should have access to the correct information and advice. Everyone who engages with welfare services should fully understand their rights. - People need more money. Most simply do not have enough. - The government needs to stop all punitive and harmful sanctions. - People should not be forced into inappropriate work, punished for being in relationships or disincentivized from finding additional income through secondary tax. - We must ensure everyone has an affordable, warm, dry and safe home as well as enough income to live with dignity and participate fully in the community.

When asked what an additional $72.50 per week would do for the respondents and their whānau, they said it would help with: - The basics: fresh fruit and vegetables, personal hygiene products, clothing and transport. - Health care: doctors appointments and medication. - Participation: activities for the kids, church, school holidays. - Education and study: extra tuition for the kids, travel to free courses to upskill.

Will you chip in to help make sure every single whānau in Aotearoa New Zealand gets the basics?

Together, we can transform our punitive welfare system to put child and whānau wellbeing at the heart of our social services. Let’s make it happen.

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Need to know more before you donate? Check out our Annual Report from 2017. You can also read our donation policy here.

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