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In the last few weeks, a small group of anti-trans people have been spreading hate against our trans sisters.

This group is actively trying to deny trans women are women. But feminism that excludes trans women is not feminism, it’s a denial of trans and human rights.

The best way to stop hate from spreading is to start spreading love.

We’re going to print thousands of beautiful posters and stickers to share love and support for our trans whānau, alongside our friends at InsideOUT and Gender Minorities Aotearoa. Chip in now to help us pay for printing.

Here's an example of what they'll look like: Untitled design

The anti-trans group’s views are extreme. They are grabbing headlines and postering city streets with messages to generate fear and division.

Their views are violent towards trans people and gender minorities (non-binary and gender diverse people). Our trans sisters are being confronted with these awful messages on their walk to work, on their newsfeeds, and even spray painted on the footpath outside parliament - a place that belongs to all of us

Let’s replace these hurtful messages with ones of affirmation, positivity, and care.

Trans women are women. The people who say they want trans women excluded from their women's only spaces, say they are doing so to protect those spaces from men.

But the men who are threats to women's spaces, are men.

Trans women are so acutely oppressed, marginalised and dehumanised in our society. They experience some of the highest levels of sexual and physical violence in Aotearoa, and young trans people are five times more likely to attempt suicide.

We have to stand with them.

_Chip in now to spread trans positive, inclusive messages that show what feminism actually looks like. You can help make this happen, right now. _

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Need to know more before you donate? Check out our Annual Report from 2017. You can also read our donation policy here.

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