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Chip in to keep OurActionStation running

The OurActionStation community platform puts the power in your hands to run campaigns to make a difference in our communities for a fair and flourishing Aotearoa.

Every campaign you see on the platform is working towards ActionStation’s 2040 vision for a future putting community, care and compassion first.

In the face of the social and ecological challenges of these times the online tools the OurActionStation platform provides are needed more than ever.

However the OurActionStation platform has no outside funding and relies entirely on hundreds of small donations by people like yourself, the members of the ActionStation community.

Will you chip in to sustain OurActionStation so together we can support people power in this time of need?

Donate using this secure form, or donate via bank

Donate via internet banking

ActionStation Aotearoa Kiwibank: 38-9012-0571645-00

If you choose this option, please email [email protected] with the subject line 'Chip in to keep OurActionStation running' to let us know so we can keep an eye out for it!

We rely entirely on individual donations and grants. We receive no government funding and we don't accept money from pokies. Our team works hard to ensure even the smallest contributions go a long way. No amount is too small and all donations will help build a better, fairer, more beautiful and just Aotearoa New Zealand.

As the banks are phasing out cheques, we can no longer accept them. Please consider donating via a bank transfer or directly via our website.

Please note: Donations to ActionStation are not tax deductible.