Chip in to support healthy, robust and independent public broadcasting and media in Aotearoa

You may remember that in February and March, we embarked on a seven-stop tour of Aotearoa to ask New Zealanders about their hopes and aspirations for public media and broadcasting so that we could communicate those hopes as policy recommendations to government.

The result of that people-powered inquiry is here, and we’re getting ready to launch a report next week!

But we need to make the launch of this report a big deal. We know we have a sympathetic Broadcasting Minister. What we need now is a groundswell of public support to get the best possible outcomes for Aotearoa’s public media.

That’s where the power of this incredibly community comes in.

Here is what we are recommending:

  • More funding for NZ On Air and RNZ now and annually in line with inflation;
  • A charter to ensure all taxpayer funded public interest media is independent, ensures a diversity of perspectives and is easily discoverable and freely accessible to all people;
  • NZ On Air should be further mandated to fund the production and promotion of more news, current affairs and citizenship education material, including text-based content;
  • Media literacy and critical analysis should be included in the Curriculum;
  • An independent review of all taxpayer funded media structures and institutions;
  • Government funding for ongoing professional development in public service media vocations.

Will you chip in so we can turn these recommendations into policy outcomes by getting the report professionally designed, creating a beautiful website, drafting press releases and organising an event at Parliament to deliver the report before Xmas?

Our country needs a well resourced, inclusive and independent public broadcaster and media. Chip in today to help make it happen.

You can donate now using this secure form, or use one of the options below:

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We rely entirely on member donations and grants. We receive no government funding. Our team works hard to ensure even the smallest contributions go a long way. No amount is too small and all donations will help build a better, fairer New Zealand. Read our donation policy here

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